“Taking Connectivity to the Next Level”

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The Siegel Group is a boutique global company that is dedicated to delivering the  highest level of expertise and services to our clients.  Our clients are leaders of their industries who are looking for innovative solutions to: grow their companies, monetize their investments, increase their profits and expand their horizons.  We can assist in mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, reorganizations, restructuring and private  placements.

Our core strength is in facilitating the exchange of information between parties and finding opportunities. We bring the right people together and provide the advice and counsel, using our global resources to connect government, politics and businesses.
The Siegel Group provides customized management services to help companies implement appropriate, efficient and effective international strategies.  The customized management services we provide include identifying new partners and creating alliances in emerging markets that result in an increase to the client’s bottom line.  With our international experience and worldwide contacts, The Siegel Group assists clients in capturing extraordinary opportunities in the international marketplace.
Our expertise in real estate is founded in owning, developing and operating a substantial real estate portfolio of both residential and commercial properties for more than 30 years.  We offer a comprehensive set of services with tenured industry experts focusing on; coordination, management and oversight in addressing all aspects of land  development and construction matters, the stabilization and monitoring of troubled projects, the management and/or disposition of acquired and foreclosed projects.